The Ship Restaurant & Bar ( Shaw Centre )

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The Ship Restaurant & Bar ( Shaw Centre )

Promo - Fish & Chips

A traditional favourite. Deep fried pacific dory... Read More

$15.94 $14.34

Promo - Chicken Chop With Vegetables & Sauteed Potatoes

Comes with mushroom sauce

$15.94 $14.34

Promo - Sirloin Steak (180g) With Vegetables & Chips

Please indicate your steak doneness and choice of... Read More

$19.15 $17.15

Escargot Bourguignon (1/2 Dozen)

Succulent escargot seasoned with Chablis garlic... Read More

$20.22 $18.12

Baked Garlic Scallops (1/2 Dozen)

Juicy half shell scallops baked with garlic and... Read More

$23.43 $21.03

Shrimp-Stuffed Mushrooms W Bacon & Cheese (1/2 Dozen)

Shiitake mushrooms stuffed with shrimps & bacon,... Read More

$14.87 $13.37

Baked Mussels With Cheese (1/2 Dozen)

Fresh Mussels baked with garlic, cheddar and... Read More

$20.22 $18.12

Lobster Thermidor (500g)

Whole lobster baked in shell, sauteed with white... Read More

$69.55 $62.55

Fish And Chips

Traditional favourite of fried pacific dory... Read More

$17.01 $15.31

Grilled Norwegian Salmon

Salmon fillet served on a bed of sauteed spinach,... Read More

$24.50 $22.00

Red Snapper Fillet

Pan-fried red snapper, served with light tangy... Read More

$26.64 $23.94

Garlic King Prawns

King prawns seasoned with flavourful Chablis... Read More

$27.71 $24.91

Oxtail Stew

A warm comforting stew with tender pieces of... Read More

$28.78 $25.88

Twin U.S. Pork Chop

Traditional favourite of tender pork loin, topped... Read More

$20.22 $18.12

Chicken Maryland

A succulent chicken thigh, coated with our secret... Read More

$18.08 $16.28

Chicken Ala Ship

Juicy grilled chicken thigh fillet, baked with... Read More

$18.08 $16.28

Fried Chicken Wings (per Pair)

Crispy chicken wings seasoned with our special... Read More

$4.28 $3.78

Lamb Rack

Juice marinated bone-in lamb, served with baked... Read More

$33.06 $29.76

Chicken Lasagna

Juicy minced chicken between layers of pasta and... Read More

$18.08 $16.28

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti in a traditional bolognaise sauce with... Read More

$18.08 $16.28


Spaghetti in a smooth creamy sauce with egg yolk,... Read More

$18.08 $16.28

Seafood Aglio Olio

Spaghetti in a mix of mussels, prawns, scallops... Read More

$21.29 $19.09

Mushroom Al Funghi (Vegetarian)

A warm comforting dish of spaghetti tossed in... Read More

$15.94 $14.34

Ship Steak (240g)

Our signature dish. U.S Striploin topped with our... Read More

$39.48 $35.48

U.S. Ribeye Steak (240g)

Tender U.S Ribeye served with homemade herb... Read More

$41.62 $37.42

King Steak (200g)

A combination of a half lobster thermidor with... Read More

$41.62 $37.42

Chef's Special (200g)

N.Z. tenderloin steak baked with mushrooms and... Read More

$36.27 $32.57

Black Pepper Steak (200g)

N.Z. tenderloin steak topped with rich black... Read More

$30.92 $27.82

Black Mushroom Steak (200g)

N.Z. tenderloin steak served with red wine... Read More

$30.92 $27.82

Mixed Salad

Mixed garden salad with fresh greens, tomatoes,... Read More

$7.38 $6.58

Caesar Salad

A classic mix of crisp lettuce, eggs, bacon,... Read More

$13.80 $12.40

Ship Salad

A combination of fresh lettuce, avocados, apples,... Read More

$13.80 $12.40

Chef Salad

Strips of ham, chicken, beef and cheese with egg... Read More

$15.94 $14.34

Lobster Bisque

A creamy and flavourful lobster soup w lobster... Read More

$17.01 $15.31

Russian Borsch Soup

A traditional tomato-based soup with chunks of... Read More

$7.38 $6.58

Onion Soup

A clear soup with caramelised onions flavoured... Read More

$6.31 $5.61

Cream Of Mushroom Soup

A warm creamy soup with diced mushrooms

$6.31 $5.61

Bread Roll

Served warm with a side of butter

$0.85 $0.75

Steamed Rice

Steamed Jasmine rice

$1.28 $1.08

Garlic Toast (per Slice)

Freshly toasted with our homemade garlic spread

$1.28 $1.08

Cream Spinach

Sauteed with white wine, onions and cream

$4.81 $4.31

Black Mushrooms

Juicy mushrooms sauteed to perfection with brown... Read More

$5.88 $5.28

U.S. Baked Potato

Perfectly baked russet potato, served with sour... Read More

$5.88 $5.28

French Fries

Crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the... Read More

$5.35 $4.75

Sweet Potato Fries

Crisp and fragrant, a perfect alternative to... Read More

$6.95 $6.25